Norton Dojo Karate Club, Sheffield

Welcome to Norton Dojo Karate Club!

At Norton Dojo we practice Goju-Ryu, an original style of traditional Okinawan karate.If you wish to either, achieve more flexibility/fitness, improved confidence,respite from workaday stress, or close -range self protection, your answer can be found inside the Art of Goju-Ryu.  If fitness (not combat) is your aim, then use Goju-Ryu as a novel and challenging way to achieve that goal. Either way, the commitment needed, and curriculum used is exactly the same. Goju-Ryu can be practised by anyone, regardless of build, gender, age or athletic ability. No previous proficiency in sport is needed. What is needed is commitment.

Norton Dojo is a member of the EGKA which is affiliated to the IOGKF. These organisations are run on a not-for-profit basis and exist solely to promote and spread Goju-Ryu Karate. For Sheffield Karate try Norton Dojo! Ensure you click FAQ on the menu bar above for more information!                                 Norton Dojo is for 12 yrs and above.